DNS Setup

DNS Setup

In order to start using Actamos, you need to adjust DNS settings for your domain. In this section you will learn what change you need to make.

Understanding MX Records

Every domain that receives email needs to have an MX (Mail Exchanger) record. The MX record specifies mail server that is responsible for accepting email messages for a given domain.

A domain can have several MX records. Each MX record has a priority or a so called preference number. The lower the preference number, the higher priority such mail server has.

So, if your domain is mycompany.com, your MX record may look like

mycompany.com.      1800    IN  MX  5       mailserver1.mycompany.com
mycompany.com.      1800    IN  MX  10      mailserver2.mycompany.com

In this case, mailserver1.mycompany has a higher preference and mailserver2.mycompany.com has a lower preference.

Making the Change

In order for Actamos to start protecting your mail server, you need to replace these records with the following ones.

mycompany.com.      1800    IN  MX  5       mx.actamos.com
mycompany.com.      1800    IN  MX  10      fallback-mx.actamos.com

Important Notice

Please note that during registration, Actamos creates your company domain automatically and fetches your mail server records. These records are used with your domain. So, Actamos figures out where it needs to deliver email after security processing.

Hardening Your Mailserver

While the above setup prevents bad email coming to your mailserver, your mailserver is still not fully protected. Hackers may still deliver bad email to your recipients by bypassing Actamos mailservers and sending email directly to your domain. In order to avoid this, your mailserver MUST accept emails from Actamos mailservers only. How to configure this depends on the actual mailserver software that you use. Please get in touch with our customer care if you need help with this.